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Die Hard: The Game

In my continuing mission to bring my often bizarre game ideas to life, I conceived of a new Die Hard game and began to make 3d models for it. It would take the best chunks of past games, add in a Rainbow Six: Vegas style cover system, and killer enemy AI to recreate the tension of the movies.

10/21/07 Update - Click here to see a few concept animations for this game idea.

Screen Mockup - Click to enlarge

I first thought that a game simply based on the first film would be pretty cool, but then I discovered and played through Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza. I felt that that game was a bit too faithful to the movie in some respects, and there were too many terrorists. I wanted to have to bide my time and wait for the right moment to nail each terrorist, instead of simply shooting through wave after wave. Next I picked up Die Hard: Vendetta, which was actually really good, except that its graphics and animation work appeared very dated. The best part was the dialogue and voice acting. The smartass remarks and swearing really gave the game a Die Hard feel.

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It was around this time that I also became addicted to the Terrorist Hunt levels in Rainbow Six: Vegas. I thought that an entire game could be built on the concept of having to clean all of the terrorists out of an area, and in Die Hard: The Game, I envision that the levels would be immense. If loading needed to occur it would happen as transparently as possible, such as in the brief pause in games like Half-Life. The player could backtrack, and terrorist supply boxes would be spread around so the player could save and get ammo. But the terrorists would be smart. Think Counter Strike: Condition Zero smart. The terrorists would follow set routines, moving from one area to another to complete objectives of their own; and the only way to take them out would be to wait for the right time and place, or even to use the right item. In certain instances, the player would be prompted to hit special button combos (similar to the button combos in Resident Evil 4) to dodge, sprint, break through doors, etc.

The levels would be Nakatomi Plaza, Dulles Airport, various urban landscapes, and maybe some other, more original levels such as a crowded football stadium, a cruise liner, a bank. Really the possibilities are limitless; and as more levels are created they could be offered in sets of 3-5 as an expansion or on Xbox Live for about 10 bucks.

In the near future I'll do some animation exercises and maybe mock up a few screens. Once again, this is a simple graphics and animation exercise; at present I have no programming ability. But, maybe a Die Hard fan with some bucks will stumble across this page and help make this game happen. I'd buy it.

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