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Galactic Cashier

Mockup - Click to enlarge

Above is a mockup of a small video game project that I'm not sure I have the skills to actually make. I like the art, and have no trouble putting those assets together. But I need to learn a lot of coding to bring this into existence, so expect it to be released some time in 2256. Maybe someone out there will steal the idea and make it. If you do, hit me up so I can help with the art. The game idea here is that you're behind the register at a quickie mart located on a space station. The goal was to combine my experiences as a WaWa cashier with my love of classic pixelated games.

The gameplay itself is inspired by Lucas Pope's excellent "Papers Please" as well as Vertigo Gaming's "Ore No Ryomi 2". You'd help customers one at a time, and each customer would have a specific set of requests. You'd scan each item by dragging it over the scanner, then dragging and dropping into the bag below. Then if they asked for "Free Range Snerdlings", for instance, you'd click the "Free Range Snerdlings" button and enter into a mini-game where you'd corral a bunch of skittering creatures and put them in a container. Then you'd scan that container and drag it into the big bag at the bottom. Dragging the full bag over the customer and letting go completes the sale. Once a customer is finished, he walks/slithers off either happy or sad, and depending on how nice you were or how accurately/fast you completed the order, you'll be paid some amount of money. Once you've saved enough money, you can buy a spaceship to leave the station and the game ends.

There would be "Rush Hours" where you'd see spaceships at the top zooming into the station and creating long lines of customers, so it's harder to get every sale correct and accurate. I was also toying with the idea of robberies, and upgrades to the store that let you bag faster, etc.

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