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This section contains samples of work I created while working with Bellrock Media, Inc. Bellrock is primarily a wireless game company, but I got to work on much more than mobile game art. I also did product one sheets, corporate support documents, and even designed an entire Nintendo DS game from the ground up.


Project: Burger Blast
Type: Game Art (Mobile)
Role: Pixel Artist

The art below was created for a proposed mobile game with a major fast food brand. The game would be from a first-person perspective; the player would launch burgers from a "burger cannon" at hungry customers as the camera moved the player along. When the player reached the end of a level, the company mascot would replenish their supplies and the next level would begin. Photo reference was used to create a pixel version of the company mascot; the rest of the art was created from scratch in Photoshop.

Project: Zarkon the Destroyer's Intergalactic Smackdown
Type: Game Art (Mobile)
Role: Pixel Artist

The pixel art for these gamescreens was created from scratch. The spaceship designs and fish guy were sketched out on paper first before being translated into game art pixel by pixel. These screens were then placed on the Spoof one-sheet as gameplay samples.

Project: Bull Run / Ragin' Rapids
Type: Game Art (Mobile)
Role: Pixel Artist

The art below was created for a proposed mobile game with a major energy drink producer. There were two concepts batted around; one was that the player would be the bull, chasing down bullrunners in Spain. The other was that the player would be trying to escape a horrible death at the hands of the bull. Both concepts are imaged in the screens below.

These next screens were created for a white water kayaking game, where the player would race down a river and engage in small battles along the road to victory.

Project: Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault
Type: Game Art (Nintendo DS)
Role: Pixel Artist

Below are screen layouts for the two gametypes in Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault for Nintendo DS. On the left side is Brawl Mode, where the player uses the bottom screen (the grid area) essentially like a mousepad. Moving the stylus on the bottom screen during Brawl Mode moves the circular reticule on the top screen, allowing the player to aim his selected weapon. The right screen shows Artillery Mode, which plays out like any of a number of classic artillery games. To launch a projectile, the player presses down on the bottom screen, drags down and away with the stylus to set angle and power, and then lifts the stylus to fire.

The icons below appear on the bottom screen during a Brawl game, when the player first spawns into the arena. The player is prompted to choose one of the weapons below before the game will continue. Photo reference was used to pin down the details of each weapon.

Weapon selector, in-game:

Project: Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault
Type: Game Art (Mobile)
Role: Pixel Artist

Each character for Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault was drawn in pixel form to match their Illustrator counterparts. Shown below is the character sheet with each character at actual game-size. On the far right is a screenshot with Telly in-game, surrounded by the game interface. The interface, like the characters themselves, was designed and painted in Photoshop.

What's pictured below is a sequence created for this game's design document. The moon is one of the games 'special' levels, where the player is faced with a few options for defeating their opponent. Instead of aiming for the bad guy on his platform, the player can choose to destroy the enemy's structure to bring him down to the terrain level.

Here's another special level where the player can destroy Vinnie Gambone's HQ.

Project: Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault
Type: Game Background Art (Mobile & Nintendo DS)
Role: Pixel Artist

These backgrounds were created pixel by pixel in Photoshop for the mobile version of Telly Sullivan's Parabolic Assault. They were also used as the basis for the DS background art, which ended up simply having more sky, so the camera could pan around. For the mobile version, each of these was designed at 176x220 with an emphasis on being able to tile them horizontally. This game was an updated version of "Artillery", so during gameplay, terrain would be drawn procedurally over these images and the player and his enemy would be placed on the terrain.

Bone Desert:

Earth Core:

Great Wall:


Olive Garden:

Great Plains:


Windy City:

Frozen Tundra:

Project: Office Chair Deathrace
Type: 3D Chairs and Characters
Role: 3D Artist

These chairs and riders were made from a series of illustrations we contracted out to a freelancer. I was tasked with translating the illustration into three dimensions using Maya, and keeping the models within the parameters set forth by the developer. Shown here are a selection of chairs and riders; there were 8 riders in total and 14 chairs.

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