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This section contains samples of work I created while working with Bellrock Media, Inc. Bellrock is primarily a wireless game company, but I got to work on much more than mobile game art. I also did product one sheets, corporate support documents, and even designed an entire Nintendo DS game from the ground up.

Web Work:

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Project: Paramount Pictures - Academy Website 2004
Type: Web Development
Role: HTML Programmer, PHP, ASP Scripting, Backend MySQL development

This was a big one. While working for a motion picture advertising agency, I was tasked with creating a working website for Paramount Pictures, by myself. Having no knowledge of backend scripting, I essentially learned it on the spot, working 12-14 hour days, to save my job.

The site's purpose was to provide Academy members with a way of reserving seats to special pre-award movie screenings.

The layout and graphics were created by the design staff, and I cut it up and into HTML, adding a MySQL database and collecting data using PHP forms. The site also sent email confirmations to members, with the details of their reservation, and had an Admin side where the site administrators could download an Excel sheet. The Excel spreadsheet contained all the MySQL records, such as members' names, telephone numbers, and reservations, in an easy-to-read format.

Click here to view the site (some dynamic functions are broken as I don't have a PHP web server).

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