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Star Trek II: The Game

I've recently been working on a
Star Trek II game mockup that's been bugging me for the last several months. I just finished a model of the Reliant:

The gameplay could best be described as
Star Trek: Bridge Commander meets Star Control II. In fact, I envision that the combat portion of the game would play out in much the same way as it did in Totally Games' Bridge Commander. You'll see obvious similarities in the first screenshot below. One feature I added was a little 'warp' button that would allow the player to flee combat and enter warp.

Click to enlarge

While the story of Wrath of Khan would be the main thread of this game, the player could actually go to a starmap, select a destination, and warp there. Certain destinations would trigger alien encounters and the player would be given side-quests.

The player could also do planetary/system scanning from the bridge, select an away team, and beam down to the surface of planets. This would trigger a switch to a third-person view behind Kirk or whoever the team leader is, with tabs on the left side of the screen with the other crewmembers' faces; the player could then switch between members of the away team, or give the whole team larger orders like 'attack', 'evade', 'search', etc.

The starmap would be
Star Trek authentic and have the appropriate charted borders for the Neutral Zones and other Alien-held territories. Players could venture into those territories but risk being stopped/attacked by the native species.

While warping to different destinations, a mini starmap would be displayed next to a large image of the
Enterprise flying steadily through stretchy starlines. A menu to the right would have game options as well as an option to 'explore the ship' so the player could run around the Enterprise doing small quests and gathering information.

Khan could pop in at any moment, like
Jaws, wreak some havoc, and then escape before you kill him. Naturally the famous episodes of the second Trek film would be faithfully re-created in-game.

I'm planning to mock up a few more screens to get a better idea of the different areas of the game, and I may even put together a brief mockup video of some gameplay (using Maya). This is all just an exercise really, since I have no programming ability, no money, and no access to the Star Trek license. It feels good though to scratch this itch and get it out of my system.

Click here to check out the Enterprise model

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